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Spare Parts For Roller Shutters

We carry all makes and brands of spare parts for roller shutters at Classic Roller Shutters, to much to show in the store and possibly to confusing for you the client as there is so many brands available. So don’t hesitate to call us or email us if you need a spare part for your roller shutters, if your not sure what your looking for or even what its called you can email us a picture of what you have now and we can take all the stress out of it and work it out for you. Its so easy to buy your spare parts for roller shutters online from Classic Roller Shutters. We stock a lot of different brands so we can help you out We will have it! and can easily post it to you wherever you are all over the world. Or pop into our factory direct and choose your parts yourself. We also have a repair division that repairs all brands of roller shutters no matter the age or the brand. W eve been in the industry for nearly 30 years and as we make our roller shutters ourselves and not just buy them from another company that does we know all there is about making, installing and repairing All roller shutters. Below are just a few examples and items that we have for sale.

Box End Inserts

Suitable for all brands of Roller Shutters, it helps your tape or strap to roll through the wall efficiently.

We also have other brands, Colors and types. If you cant see what your looking for just drop us an email.

PRICE $15.80 (PAIR)   |   QUANTITY

Cover Buttons

Cover buttons to hide screw holes in the guides, colour coded to suit your guide colour. Available in brown, white, cream, black and sand. These will also fit other companies products and are easy to replace yourself.


Diamond Neck Roller

Durable nylon roller, controls the tape or straps entry to the inside of the home at the top of your window. Easy to refit.

We still stock the old type rollers to these old style are still int he shape of a diamond or sometimes round with a slot in the center but these new diamond neck rollers will still fit all types.


Oz Drive Replacement Battery

Oz drive replacement battery is used in conjunction with the old type oz drive handset.
Easy to replace yourself with written instructions. Beware of look alike refurbished imitation batteries as there life span isn’t long at all. We also have the new handsets available to change over to with a longer life than the first edition, email us if you want to inquire about these, they’re easy.


Slotted Tape Guide

A tape or strap guide to help your control run smoothly from inside the home.


Spool Black

A Spool is attached to the axle end to rotate the strap or tape within the pelmet box and allows your tape to roll up into the pelmet box.


Spool Red

A Spool is attached to the axle end to rotate the strap or tape within the pelmet box and allow your tape to roll up into the pelmet box, the reason for different colour spools is box size, the bigger the box the bigger the spool.



140mm or 170mm  sprung steel springs, they are riveted to the axle to help attach the shutter curtain.


Strap Box

New sleek design strap or tape box for roller shutters. This strap box is for hand operated roller shutters. Only available in white.


Tape Strap 5 Metres

14mm wide Heavy durable woven tape or strap replacement. 5 metres will suit all average size windows.


Winder Box

Winder box to suit all brands of Roller Shutters. Comes in white only without handle or strap


Winder Handle

Bendable alloy handle to suit winder box.