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Roller Shutters Craigmore

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Classic Roller shutters have been helping people in the Craigmore and surrounding area’s for decades to update and renovate their home with our extensive range of roller shutters, ziptraks blinds and indoor blinds just to name a few. Its that perfect time of year when your spending more time inside your home than out due to the cooler weather, to take a look at your existing insulation, security and the overall look of your home. Make a change install New roller shutters we install roller shutters Craigmore to Adelaide. Call us now for a free no obligation quote, we have a large range of fabrics on offer for indoor blinds covering all the latest trends and colours. We have a large range of roller shutter colours and controls to offer aswell. make a call and talk to us or we will happily pop out and offer you a quote show you your options and choices phone 83692266. Were a local company servicing all of our community.

our range offers roller shutters, ziptraks, zip roll up blinds, zipscreens, roller blinds, panel blinds, awnings, verticals, honey combe blinds and venetians to name a few. we come to you bringing out all our samples and offering you great advice.


Roller Shutters Craigmore Rollar Blinds Craigmore

Roller Shutters Gawler

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Now’s the perfect time of year to be thinking about working on the inside of your home, whilst the weather is a bit cool and before the rain comes its the perfect time to get that painting done and spruce up your home with new indoor blinds and roller shutters we install from Adelaide to Gawler. While some people like to take the chance to relax others like to take the chance of being housebound some days and decorating the inside of your home is the perfect time for that. whilst indoor roller blinds and roller shutters make look expensive it is a great time of the year to buy your roller shutters if you live in Gawler to adelaide. the roller shutters blockout up to 90% of the heat in summer and keep in 90% of the heat in winter keeping your home snuggly and warm without the need to use your heating for as long without the blinds. Installing new roller blinds and a bit of new paint will do wonders to lift the look of your room and your winter spirits, a few throw pillows scattered around adds to your new look in a real in expensive way. it really is that easy. roller shutters also help to block out noise that travels through your glass and are the best solution for privacy from close neighbours while offering you security and peace of mind.

Roller Shutters Gawler

DIY Roller Shutters, Buy Cheap Roller Shutters Online

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If your looking into DIY roller shutters look no further, we help hundreds of homeowners save money by installing DIY roller shutters themselves, or contacting a handyman, builder or carpenter to install them for you. They really are that easy. Roller Shutters come with a range of options to suit different applications, needs and size restriction’s. The easiest way is to email us or call us we walk will talk and walk you through it with ease and be there every step of the way. We will explain to you or send you a fact sheet on how to measure properly, we arrange transport to any where in Australia with out fuss or big expense. Most importantly our product is a of high quality with high quality components fitted unlike some DIY roller shutters competitors.

If your unsure of anything it really is easy enough to call us, we will assist you in making install and control decisions. We will provide you with install guidance and directions.

Its not a job only for experts a home handyman is very capable of installing roller shutters. And installing battery operated or 240volt electric roller shutters is a very easy install, with a 240volt electric operated roller shutter a class A electrician is needed to wire and connect your shutters this part can not be done by a handyman or yourself.

Many homeowners have installed our roller shutters with ease to their home with our help, call us today and we can help you with what you need.


DIY Roller Shutters

Get Organised With Roller Shutters & Blinds Installed in January

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Now’s the time as we are getting closer to xmas to organise your installation of roller shutters & blinds in S.A. before the heat hits. As we all now summer has definitely been later this year and looking to hang around longer in the new year. So avoid disappointment and organise your new year install now. Roller shutters are perfect in the Adelaide weather they can block out up to 90% of the heat that travels through your glass in the summer but are an all year round product because you will also get use out of them in winter time to. Easy to use Easy to clean book your install for roller shutters in Adelaide now 83692266.



Cheap Roller Shutters

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Not all roller shutter companies are the same not all products are the same. We find more and more the process of purchasing roller shutters is getting harder and harder for the client, purely because there are a lot of different set ups of business in our industry in Adelaide. Please don’t buy on a cheap price alone beware there has been a huge influx of people working from home and the only overhead they have is the mobile phone you call them on or a landline that’s hanging on their kitchen wall. When getting quotes on roller shutters if you find that there are big differences in the price ask your self these simple questions.

  • Are they a registered business
  • Do they have the ever important builders licence and supervisors licence (its illegal to trade without one)
  • Do they have building indemnity insurance
  • Are you given a certificate of compliance with the electrical work
  • Are they a business with a showroom backed up by experience in the business or are they a pop up business working from home here today gone tomorrow.
  • these questions are as equally important as the product quality and who’s installing it for you. There are defiantly a lot of installer’s in Adelaide who are qualified and do a great job but from our experience through repairing other company’s installations there a lot that are not. do your home work don’t he company don’t just buy on a  cheap price alone.

Cheap Roller Shutters

Beat The Heat Roller Shutters Adelaide

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Yes its that time of year again can you believe it –  do we ever think were going to see it, Not sure of course – every year summer hits us with a vengeance we go from jumpers to jumpsuits in a matter of hours and its just around our corner, beat the heat this summer and organise your free quote on roller shutters Adelaide ensure your pre – xmas delivery and get a quote now. As I write this there are only 11 Fridays until Xmas lol I know hold the phone right. Cut of dates will be on us in no time for roller shutters in SA south Australia so get organised before its to late or your install may be in January or February. the cut of ziptraks and indoor blinds and other products will be soon as well we will keep you informed.

Roller Shutters are brilliant for keeping the heat out in summer, Blocking out up to 90% of the heat that travels through your glass, blocking out some of the noise and giving you fantastic privacy and peace of mind. the roller shutters (residential) are insulated with a foam subsequently helping all the benefits along. so don’t delay and miss out book your free quote on roller shutters in Adelaide today. you always save with classic roller shutters our family values mean real value for you, factory direct and made here in south Australia. We offer a free design service for all your indoor window treatment needs to. Even the eazyview roller shutters below are fabulous in summer and winter. We will beat any genuine written quote if you can show it to us, has to be from a reputable dealer who has an abn and as


Heat Roller Shutters Adelaide


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When your looking for a fair price on roller shutters look no further than classic roller shutters & blinds. We are a local family business who have been in the industry for over 30 years.

Offering a genuine quality product, your purchase is secure knowing that we are members of the building industry and hold the required building licence’s you need to install roller shutters to your home. Residential Roller shutters for the windows offer you a large range of benefits including helping to reduce the heat in the home in the summer, definitely keeping the heat in the home in the winter, helping to reduce noise that travels through the window and of course is a deterrent and helps with security. There are a large number of clients who tell us that they sleep in and sleep better once the window shutters are installed so they are a proven winner for shift workers or baby’s rooms, even offering a sense of safety and peace of mind to children who can not sleep.

Make sure if your getting prices on roller shutters you call classic roller shutters for the best price on roller shutters – because our family values mean real value for you. Our product and install is backed by a long standing presence in our industry coupled by the relevant builders licence and insurances required by law to install roller shutters for you.

Don’t be fooled by the imitators give classic a call and make an appointment today for one of our representatives to call out see what’s needed and talk to you about your options.

Get ready for the summer now and get a fair price on your roller shutters – don’t wait until the start of summer and get stuck in a long line of waiting for installation, get a quote now get organised now and save before the summer price hikes and rush starts.


Fair Price Roller Shutters Adelaide

OZROLL ODS Battery System 3 Way Switch For Bay Windows

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Ozroll Ods Battery System 3 Way Switch for Bay Windows
Just an update to all homeowners who have the ozroll ods battery system 3 way switch for bay windows, if your battery operated roller shutters after a year or two stop working save yourself a call out fee and replace the battery in the 3 way switch first, this switch is the little white one that is numbered 1,2,3 to operate your bay and also works on a replaceable battery unlike your handset which needs to be charged like a mobile phone. this little 3 way switch if you open the back has a 3 volt battery in it available in our online store and is easily replaced on your own. Just pull the old one out and slot the new one in. its as easy as that. Most companies will forget to tell you about the battery in the 3 way as they normally focus on telling you about the battery in the ODS handset and that it really needs a good 4 to 5 hour recharge every time it goes flat, they work like a mobile phone so if you only charge it for little period of times you will set the memory in the battery and only get a little bit of charge from it. So look first at your 3 way switch for a bay window if its not working and just easily and cheaply replace the battery in the back of the push button system first.


Change A Roller Shutter To An Electric Motor

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Are you stuck with an out dated or heavy window roller shutter that operates by winding it up day and night? You are well we offer a service –  its quick, easy and painless.

Have you ever thought about change a roller shutter to an electric motor?

One of our electrician’s will come out and change a manual roller shutter to an electric motor no matter how its operated and change it over to a 240volt electric motor, once installed you can just operate your roller shutter by a wall switch its that’s easy and cheaper than you think. Call us to find out the price and we can usually get it done within two weeks or less depending on the time of the year. Its great for those bigger shutters as your getting older it make them a lot easier to use or even when your renovating to opt for a motor conversion removes unsightly winders of the wall and gives you a great little walls switch. you can even upgrade to a remote control to open your roller shutters aswell.

We also can replace motors that are no longer working call us and find out how quick and easy It is.

Change a Manual Roller Shutter Over To Electric Motor

change a manual roller shutter over to electric motor




Aluminium Roller Shutters

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Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about all your outdoor living needs this summer. When you think shutters think Aluminium roller shutters they are designed to withstand even Australia’s harshest weather and are perfect for controlling temperature too. Aluminium roller shutters are insulated with a polyurethane foam and subsequently reject up to 90% of the heat in summer and keep in up to 90% of the heat in winter, they are an all rounder window treatment offering security for your home and family as they are a fantastic deterrent for the would be burglar. Aluminium shutters also offer up to 50% noise reduction through your windows and of course they help in blocking out the light keeping the rooms as dark as they can. Our window shutters come in a large range of fashionable colours covering both classic and modern roller shutter range’s. Our aluminium shutter ranges encompasses a few choices for you and your home all depending on your needs and of course your wants. You can get more information on our product pages our outdoor blinds page will take you to the details of all our outdoor blinds range and we also offer a great range of indoor blinds to.