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Change A Roller Shutter To An Electric Motor

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Are you stuck with an out dated or heavy window roller shutter that operates by winding it up day and night? You are well we offer a service –  its quick, easy and painless.

Have you ever thought about change a roller shutter to an electric motor?

One of our electrician’s will come out and change a manual roller shutter to an electric motor no matter how its operated and change it over to a 240volt electric motor, once installed you can just operate your roller shutter by a wall switch its that’s easy and cheaper than you think. Call us to find out the price and we can usually get it done within two weeks or less depending on the time of the year. Its great for those bigger shutters as your getting older it make them a lot easier to use or even when your renovating to opt for a motor conversion removes unsightly winders of the wall and gives you a great little walls switch. you can even upgrade to a remote control to open your roller shutters aswell.

We also can replace motors that are no longer working call us and find out how quick and easy It is.

Change a Manual Roller Shutter Over To Electric Motor

change a manual roller shutter over to electric motor




Aluminium Roller Shutters

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Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about all your outdoor living needs this summer. When you think shutters think Aluminium roller shutters they are designed to withstand even Australia’s harshest weather and are perfect for controlling temperature too. Aluminium roller shutters are insulated with a polyurethane foam and subsequently reject up to 90% of the heat in summer and keep in up to 90% of the heat in winter, they are an all rounder window treatment offering security for your home and family as they are a fantastic deterrent for the would be burglar. Aluminium shutters also offer up to 50% noise reduction through your windows and of course they help in blocking out the light keeping the rooms as dark as they can. Our window shutters come in a large range of fashionable colours covering both classic and modern roller shutter range’s. Our aluminium shutter ranges encompasses a few choices for you and your home all depending on your needs and of course your wants. You can get more information on our product pages our outdoor blinds page will take you to the details of all our outdoor blinds range and we also offer a great range of indoor blinds to.


SA Roller Shutters Installed Before Xmas

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With the SA roller shutters Pre – Xmas rush avoid disappointment and think about your roller shutters or blind needs now in Adelaide. Always at this time of year there is a huge rush of clients trying to prepare for the xmas break and of course the onslaught of heat that summer brings.  Act now to have the products installed in time for xmas, cut off for order and install for our indoor blind range, ziptraks, awnings, café blinds is the 4th of December at this stage. we are unable to put any material orders through after this date to receive it in before xmas. Any orders after this date will be delivered in January 2016 with no exceptions. At this stage we are still taking orders for roller shutters and will advise when our cut off date looms close.

Keep Calm XMAS Rush

Roller Doors

Roller Doors to match your roller shutters.

Roller Shutters onLine – Ziptrak Online

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Check out our Ziptraks and roller shutters online, if your looking for a supply only price and your keen for DIY its as easy as measure, choose and receive. Email us with your requirements on any of our outdoor or indoor blinds and we can work out a supply only price for you, we will work with you to ensure you get the right products you need to make your DYI blinds as easy as we can, We also offer this service for awnings, café blinds and a huge range of other products all available to view on our web site.  we also have a freight service so let us know your postcode and our easy freight quotation service can be included. freighting our products around Australia is easy with our range of DIY products. There are many choices of products for what you may require were more than happy for you to give us a call and talk through options to ensure your purchasing what’s right for you. At Classic Roller Shutter we always offer you a fairprice on your roller shutters and blinds, being a factory direct family business we have an option to fit within your budget. We have a huge range – call us on (08) 83692266 or email us now and save on all our roller shutters online or ziptraks online.

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Shutters Adelaide

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Spring Window Shutters Adelaide Shutters Adelaide

Today is the first day of spring, open your window and you can hear a light song from the trees, the birds even know its here…. Spring. That time of year when we start to venture outside and consider what were going to spring clean or organise between now and Christmas which by the way is not that far away, so if your in Adelaide and your starting to think about some window treatments for you home think roller shutters, think ziptraks, think awnings, think café blinds. Think shutters Adelaide from Classic Roller Shutters and Blinds. Call Jackie now and organise your free in home measure and quote and get spring ready don’t stand in the back of a long line and wait until the heat comes with everyone else… get organised now and take advantage of our end of winter savings to. there are so many ways in which you can protect your home and family from the harsh summer heat this summer we are happy to come out and show you what we have to offer and what products may assist you where you need it most. even replacing or updating your interior blinds can give your home an updated economical fresh look for spring, our large range of interior blinds will suit. we have a large choice of materials and fabrics to suit any décor. call Jackie on 83692266 we have day and evening appointment’s to suit.





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Indoor Blinds –  Layby your indoor blinds, roller shutters or Ziptrak now

If you’ve ever had a quote on any outdoor blinds, roller shutters, Ziptraks, Cafe Blinds, Straight Drop Veranda Blinds or Awnings maybe even Holland blinds, roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical blinds and just couldn’t stretch the distance to pay for them, now Classic Roller Shutters and Blinds offers an easy way to get what you need…. and put your Indoor blinds on LAYBY. we’ve noticed that there are some clients who would just love to update and renovate their house this spring but just cant kick the goal with the price and don’t want to apply for Certegy Ezi Pay  so we proudly can now offer you a lay-by system for all our blinds and roller shutters, call Barb today and discuss the ways in which this new payment plan system can work for you and get these new indoor or outdoor blinds in your home quicker than you think, call her on 83692266. Another option is our no interest ever plans through certegy ezi pay an easy and flexible way to obtain your blinds almost instantly and pay as you go , affordable payment options for you and your family will help you put those blinds up at home in no time and with certegy ezi pay it makes your payment plans easy and you can take home your product straight away best of all you will pay no interest ever on any of our plans through Certegy Ezi Pay or our new blinds Layby system.


Blinds Layby Online

Using a p

call t pla easy way to make a purchase and then repay over time, whether you’re taking your purchase home with you, having it delivered or waiting for it to be installed.

Using a payment plan is an easy way to make a purchase and then repay over time, whether you’re taking your purchase home with you, having it delivered or waiting for it to be installed.


Outdoor Blinds

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Ziptrak, Roller shutters, cafe blinds, awnings and veranda blinds all fantastic outdoor blinds

A huge trend sweeping us is the Australian outdoor living way of life, BBQ’s, Beer a wine and a laugh is on the menu for our Aussie summer and we’ve got you covered for all your outdoor blinds needs. Your choice of an outdoor blind comes down to what you need the blind to do for you and when will you use it the most, there’s a multitude of beautiful Screening Fabrics and PVC’s available to choose from. Each outdoor blinds range has a great choice in decorator colors and fabrics there’s a choice for every look and feel of home. Our outdoor blinds range compliments the classic homes or the modern home. Each blind in the outdoor blind range offers different benefits or features than the next depending on your budget and your needs, call us today on 83692266 to talk to one of our design consultants about whats right for you an your outdoor living area.

Our outdoor blind range offers roller shutters, Ziptraks, Cafe blinds, Awnings, crank operated blinds and straight drop veranda blinds, were more than happy to come out and show you the blinds in the range so you can determine which is the blind that’s suits your needs and tastes. Most of the outdoor blind range can be either operated via hand or electric motors even remotes are an option outdoors to.


Outdoor Blinds Adelaide


Theres  a multitude of uses for the outdoor blind, you may be looking for privacy or a bit of heat reduction on the summer our blind range are good to even block off your BBQ area or storage area to. the outdoor blind range can be installed onto verandas, pergolas and balcony’s just to name a few.



Modern Window Shutters

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Update and Renovate your old or new home with our luxury range of Classic and Modern Window Shutters, Our roller shutters come in a large range of traditional and modern colors including White, Cream, Sand, Grey, Charcoal, Brown, Heritage Red, Heritage Green, Black, Woodland Grey, Beige and Ocean Blue. If you need or want a color that is not in the standard range we can organize this for you as well, just email or call and ask its easy 83692266. Roller Shutter are operated from the inside of your home or building, they can be operated from outside in certain situations and every window is looked at differently. Go to our roller shutter control page to view most of your options available for our range of Classic and Modern roller shutters. As we also sell roller shutter parts we can help you to replace the stripes in your old roller shutters or even add some in if you have none at all, this is the versatile beauty of a roller shutter, as they interlock the color change with the fashion of the times, keeping your home improvements current and easy to change. The picture below is our new range of roller shutters called easy vision, they are not insulated but offer security and in places with a fantastic view they keep out some of the sun, give great ventilation and cover up to 4000mm wide in a range of attractive colors.


Modern Window Shutters Classic & Modern Roller Shutters

Sensi – Fire Roller Shutter

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Some exciting news regarding The new product launch for roller shutters is Sensi – Fire Roller Shutter it is an innovative, wireless DC battery option offering you a  safety backup system that automatically opens the roller shutters in the event of a fire in your home or office, helping protect human life and making it easier for the fire fighters  to gain access in to the home or building. Crucial to fire safety, no domestic or commercial building with roller shutters should be without Sensi – Fire roller shutters. the Sensi – Fire system is Totally independent of your mains power, the  wireless unit is installed in close proximity to a smoke detector. When the smoke detector is activated, sensi – fire picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal, in turn automatically opening all of the programmed roller shutters, allowing escape routes in and out. ( 1 unit can operate multiple shutters) Sensi  –  Fire is compatible with Solar smart and Power smart roller shutter automation as well as 240volt. This new option for roller shutters is a well welcomed addition to our growing range of options. Giving you a  diverse and easy choice of what you need for your home and family and what will work for you. Knowing that this product is now available gives you peace of mind in the case of a house fire knowing its protecting you and your family 24 hours a day. call us for your free measure and quote and save with through winter. family owned and factory direct 83692266

Sensi Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Indoor Blinds and Blind Pulls

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Recently we added a few cute items to our range and indoor blinds and blind pulls store in valley view holden hill . Blind Pulls a cute and convenient way to accessorize your window treatments and show a bit of style. Modern window treatments always are supplied and installed using a cord or sash or a chain type of blind pull, but these new ranges of blind pulls are just the perfect addition to any blind. ranging from the traditional porcelain and brass combinations hand painted in beautiful scenes, or the wooden range offering cute open and closed tags fixed appropriately your able to recognize at a glance which pull is closing your indoor blind and which pull is opening your indoor blind. we also have some beautiful cherry wood crosses that look just beautiful on your blind pull to. take a look at our online store and let us know what you think of the new range of pulls.

Indoor Blinds Indoor Blinds Online Blind Pulls Blind Pulls Adelaide Indoor Blinds and Blind Pulls  Pulls Adelaide