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Roller Shutters

– Residential Roller Shutters

A fantastic and versatile product for your home or a commercial application, completely made from aluminium and filled with a  polyurethane core, A roller shutter when in the down position can

* Block out up to 90% of heat that comes through your window,

* Keep in up to 90% of heat from your heater,

* Can block out most of the light dependent on application, home type  and building finish

* Help to block out up to 50% of noise

Operated from inside of the home in a number of different ways they are perfect for the elderly, shift workers baby’s and more. Available in a large range of fashion colors and a large range of control options, such as hand pulleys, winder handles, spring loaded, remote with solar operation, battery operation, 240 volt motors, key switches we can even install a fire detector that will raise all your roller shutters in case of a fire inside the home.

Go to our page titled Roller Shutter Control’s & Colors for more information on that if you need it. We also have  55mm widespan roller shutters, 77mm widespan roller shutters, 36mm extruded, 50mm extruded vision, bushfire rated, cyclone safe roller shutters, battery back ups and more.

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