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OZ Roller Shutters Adelaide

OZ Roller Shutters Adelaide

Classic roller shutters will install Oz roller shutters that are made right here in South Australia by Oz Roll. These shutters are the highest quality shutter and components available on the market and they are manufactured locally so you can rest assured you are getting the best product and that they are made locally. The Oz roller shutters are an aluminium slat filled with a foam filling which is one of the main factors in insulating your home in all seasons against the heat in summer and the cold weather during winter. This product can be a big factor in saving you money on your energy costs and helping to bring down your power costs within the home and office.

Oz roller shutters can also help to reduce the noise coming through the window the shutter is installed on, but keep in mind, noise will also come in under your doors, through other windows and even through the roof. We have shutters suitable for all applications, from residential, commercial to industrial sites where they may be required more for security. With a large range of different slat types, we can meet all your requirements for almost any span of shutter. When a shutter reaches the maximum width span we can look at other options such as a split roller shutter.

If you are living in a high-risk area for bush fires, we can install the CSIRO tested and approved bush fire rated roller shutters. Not all shutters can stand up to the temperatures reached during a bush fire but the extruded slat bush fire shutters have been designed and manufactured to do just that.

The Oz roll shutters can be operated using a wide range of control options depending on your needs and requirements. Some options are manual operated via a strap or winder box, electric operated using a Somfy brand hardwired electric motor, spring loaded, or designed specifically to work with this brand of shutter only is the battery operated smart drive system. This system allows you to operate the shutters via a modern and sleek looking handset and even if you are without power for any reason, the shutters can still be operated via the handset with this smart drive battery system.