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55mm widespan commercial roller shutter

Commercial Roller Shutters Adelaide

Classic Roller Shutters work easily alongside builders, Insurance Companies, architects and Commercial Builders every day. We are flexible to meet all your needs including installing Commercial roller shutters, bushfire roller shutters, sensi fire shutters, easy view roller shutters & a full range of controls & commercial options. We also have a full range of indoor blinds, plantation shutters, Curtains and Roller shutters to offer you.

Offering commercial roller shutters installations and a fire safe roller shutter which are both fantastic commercial option’s – solar roller shutters & bushfire roller shutters also Bal40 fire roller shutters, FZ fire shutters – cyclone safe roller shutters as well. Our friendly staff can meet you on site or quote off plans. We offer you the best advice for your project and at a very competitive price. Classic also use and install high grade commercial roller shutters as well as residential shutters. Call us and we will talk you through your individual needs and what you may need from your shutter. For small or large projects, we can work within your time restraints helping you to get the job done. Classic also install commercial roller shutters with a great number of operation and application options. Including a  large range of indoor and outdoor blinds to suit many applications. Call 83692266

Insurance Companies and Builders

Classic works extensively for Builders and Insurance companies with residential and commercial roller shutters. Our turnaround times make us a prompt and efficient choice to deal with your customers. Taking all the hard work out of it for you. Were happy to work beside you, informing and guiding you to the best possible options and outcome for your clients. Classic make our commercial roller shutters to suit the specific job and application you’re working on. Always able to think outside the box with our products and service if that what you need. Call or email with your requirements we will guide you through, supplying you with what you need. new installations or repair Call 83692266

Commercial Roller Shutter Options

36MM Roller Shutters  

Ideal for High security commercial applications, Severy’s and roller doors to just name a few. This extruded roller shutter features a commercial grade double walled extruded profile. A versatile solution to protect your business from break ins, glass breakage and intruders. Designed with a heavy-duty axle, sealed bearings & a winged slat lock and wide guide options. The 36mm roller shutter is an all-rounder for most commercial shop fronts. with widths up to 5800mm we can cover sporting clubs, mining sector, shopping centers and more.

50mm Extruded Vision Shutters

Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, Severy’s & shop fronts to name a few. The 50mm extruded vision roller shutter is designed to allow approx. 20% vision and air flow. The shutter is constructed from a strong extruded aluminum alloy which makes this shutter perfect for security with vision.  It has a heavy-duty steel axle and concealed bearings. this product can span to 5500mm and a height of 3000mm.

77mm Wide Span Roller Shutter

ideal for roller doors, commercial and industrial applications. The 77mm wide span roller shutter is made with a roll tight design to ensure a smaller head box, perfect if you do not have the space for a roll of a conventional roller door. The foam filled slats offer extra strength and insulation. Couple this with the heavy-duty guides, axle, bottom bars and reinforced side plates its ideal for most commercial and industrial applications spanning up to 5900mm and a height of 3000mm.

Firesafe Bushfire Rated Roller Shutter

Designed to reduce radiant heat manufactured with a high quality extruded aluminum alloy. Tested by the CSIRO and complies with the Australian Bushfire construction standard AS3959-2018. with Radiant heat shielding properties to 40KM/Hr. Spanning up to 5800mm.

Bal FZ Roller Shutters

Flamezone stainless steel FZ shutters Bal FZ. BAL FZ Rating –  Flamezone bushfire BALFZ-82 shutter is tested and proven with a standard window to comply with AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2 (2018) by CSIRO in 2019.  Manufactured in Australia. The bushfire shutters are made from highly durable, roll formed Stainless Steel interlocking slats, which shield windows from embers and debris that are hurled from a bushfire front.  Tested for 30-minute direct flame contact.

(brochure coming soon)

Cyclone Safe Roller Shutters

A sudden increase of storms the CSIRO has reported approximately 11 cyclones a year. Protect homes & business in extreme weather and storm conditions. Made from a high quality double walled extruded profile with extended guides and winged slat plugs. Spans up to 150mm Fatigue loading AS4040.3.1992 and AS/NZZS1170.2 2011.

Easyview roller shutter

The beauty of an easy view roller shutter for your alfresco, shop or outdoor living area is that you can see through it. As a result, it is a slimline, modern and versatile look in a range of fashionable colors. The easy view roller shutter consists of UV resistant poly carbonate slats which offer an easy view to your outdoor area coupled with Aluminum slats. They’re great for commercial use as a shop front shutter with an easy-to-use removable guide system as an option. Above all they are perfect for serveries’ & shop fronts where you need the merchandise to be visible but not accessible. All our products can be sign written, just ask us how as we offer this service as well.

IR50 Extruded Roller Shutter

IR50 – intruder resistant, high security application for commercial premises. Constructed from a high-quality aluminum alloy, double walled extruded profile. offering strength and durability. IR50 a high-grade security roller shutter. A wide range of applications with its high security factor for shopfronts, banks, sporting clubs, screens. Offering single phase and 3 phase options. and widths up to 7600mm.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between a residential roller shutter and a commercial roller shutter

The main differences between residential and commercial roller shutters are their design, specifications, and the applications they are used in:

  • Residential Roller Shutters:
    • Aesthetics: They often prioritize appearance to complement a home’s design.
    • Insulation: Residential shutters may provide better insulation to improve energy efficiency in homes.
    • Safety Features: They might include elements like spring-loaded shutters for added safety.
  • Commercial Roller Shutters:
    • Durability: These shutters are built to withstand heavy usage and potential impacts in commercial settings.
    • Security: They are designed to provide maximum security against break-ins and are often used in places like school canteens, storage areas, and shop fronts.
    • Accessibility: Commercial shutters may offer features that facilitate frequent and easy access for businesses.

While both types of shutters serve the primary function of security and protection, commercial shutters are generally more robust to meet the demands of commercial environments, whereas residential shutters are tailored to the needs and preferences of homeowners.


We became the proud owner of 3 roller shutters supplied and fitted by your SA owned and operated company. The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the quality of your product and the expertise of the installer and electrician. They worked quickly, efficiently, paid attention to detail and left the job spotless.

Mr & Mrs Whitley, Paradise

We have been very pleased with the way your company works from the lady who we first spoke to, to the guy who talked to us about your roller shutters & ziptrak blinds – not pushy just a pleasure to have in our home. He told us all we needed to know without the frills. The installer was also very pleasant and worked well. We are happy to have dealt with your company and will pass on our favourable comments. Good luck.

Mr & Mrs Magesdorf, Seaford

I've been looking for roller shutters for over two years and finally purchased them. Why did I choose classic shutters? tell you why. had at least 12 quotes and just didn’t trust what I was told. reason, I’ve learned threes a lot more to shutters than the average person thinks. just like solar panels, you can get cheap inferior parts and people should be aware of that. also these 50 % off the price deals come in spinner they add that on the price to begin with, its a con. in the end you get what you pay for, that is good quality shutter and that is exactly what I got from Classic. asked all the right questions and they gave me all the right answers – as I knew them from studying them for 2 years. also that goes along way with me, contractors who actually clean up behind them, that’s great. friendly staff, and they were installed within a week. couldn’t be more impressed and ill recommend them to anyone who wants roller shutters and believe me, that comes from a person who does his homework.

Wally, Valley View

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