All our Awnings are made here in Adelaide.

Auto Awnings in block out canvas provide a room darkening effect and are extremely efficient at reducing heat inside a room. The block out canvas prevents the sun from hitting the window and the projection (angle) of the awning allows for air flow and for windows to still open.


Auto Awnings are suitable for ground floor installations over windows, patios and verandas where the awning can be operated by hand with the help of an awning stick. The self-locking arms make operation easy and helps the awning to stop where you want it to.

Auto Awnings remain a timeless and classic window shading option at a very affordable price.

Fixed guide Awnings over a hard to reach second story window will compliment an auto awning on the ground floor offering a similar outlook for the whole building.

The fixed guide is available in manual operation using a rope and pulley, gear box or motorized.

Featuring a fixed steel guide running parallel to the awning the bottom bar is held and runs along the guide with a nylon lined runner. The guide can be projected at an angle by L brackets to achieve a standout similar to that of an auto awning.

Pivot Arm Awnings are ideal for second story or hard to reach windows as they provide a range of operation options including gearbox, motorization and exterior or interior rope or winch.

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