Just an update to all homeowners who have the ozroll ods battery system 3 way switch for bay windows, if your battery operated roller shutters after a year or two stop working save yourself a call out fee and replace the battery in the 3 way switch first, this switch is the little white one that is numbered 1,2,3 to operate your bay and also works on a replaceable battery unlike your handset which needs to be charged like a mobile phone. this little 3 way switch if you open the back has a 3 volt battery in it available in our online store and is easily replaced on your own. Just pull the old one out and slot the new one in. its as easy as that. Most companies will forget to tell you about the battery in the 3 way as they normally focus on telling you about the battery in the ODS handset and that it really needs a good 4 to 5 hour recharge every time it goes flat, they work like a mobile phone so if you only charge it for little period of times you will set the memory in the battery and only get a little bit of charge from it. So look first at your 3 way switch for a bay window if its not working and just easily and cheaply replace the battery in the back of the push button system first.