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Roller Shutter Colours  & Controls

Roller Shutter Controls Range

Meanwhile aluminium shutters are operated from inside your home and can be operated via a wide selection of roller shutter controller options including manually operated roller shutters, battery operated roller shutters, solar operated roller shutters, and electronic controls ranging from simple wall switches, remote control, infra-red, sun controlled, wind controlled and even timers. Below are just a few examples roller shutter controls & colours are optional so talk to us about your options today.

Roller Shutter Strap System

A hand operated pulley system easily enables small shutters to be opened and closed from the inside. It sits on the wall and a tape (strap) around 14mm wide is hand pulled through the strap system, like a pully to open your shutters.

roller shutter strap

Roller Shutter Winder System

A manually operated system using a winder handle for large shutters easily enabling the shutters to be opened inside. It sits on the wall and a tape (strap) around 14mm wide is thread through the system to allow you to wind the shutter.

roller shutter winder box

Roller Shutter battery operated OZ Roll Eport Drive System

An affordable Oz Roll Eseries Battery control system that is battery operated and not reliant on your mains power. No exposed tape as compared to the strap or winder. Great control system if you live in a bushfire zone as your not reliant on mains power, this is the new upgrade handset.

oz roll battery handset eport

Motors, Remotes and backups

Tubular technology has come a long way, Classic Roller Shutters offer a wide range of 14v, 24v & 240v motors for roller shutters to suit your every need. Ranging from basic motors, standard motors and manual override motors we offer a large range of motor choices including somfy, Simu & alpha products to suit all your needs. With a flick of a switch your shutters are easily operated from inside your home. These same motors are used to operate your Ziptrack® Blinds, Roller Blinds or Cafe Blinds. 

roller shutter motor somfy

Roller Shutter Motor Control Options

For example with our motor range we carry an extensive choice of extras which include sun / wind controls, key switches, remote controls, infrared, motors integrated with security and fire systems, battery back up motors, solar operated, sensi fire alarms and more. Enquire today.

240 volt somfy remote

Roller Shutter Sensi – Fire

Sensi-FireTM Wireless is an innovative, wireless DC battery safety back-up system that automatically opens roller shutters in the event of a fire, helping protect human life.  Crucial to fire safety, no domestic or commercial building with roller shutters should be without Sensi-FireTM Wireless.  Totally independent of mains power, the Sensi-FireTM Wireless unit should be installed in close proximity to a smoke detector.  When the smoke detector is activated, Sensi-FireTM picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal, which in turn activates the programmed roller shutter(s).  The roller shutter(s) then automatically open allowing escape routes in and out.  Sensi-FireTM is compatible with SolarSmartTM Roller Shutter Automation and CW 240V Radio Receivers.

sensi fire


Roller Shutter Color Range

With a wide range of colors to choose from there is one to suit every home and application. We offer colors from the very modern black, Woodland Grey, Charcoal, Silver,  white, sandstone, brown, beige, grey and cream to the heritage red and heritage green. We can even color match your shutters to your existing color scheme. We now also have Deep Ocean Blue Woodland Grey, Dune, Jasper, Surfmist and anodised silver.

cream| sand| white| grey| brown| green| red| black| monument| silver| deep ocean blue| woodland grey| jasper| surfmist| dune| beige

roller shutter colours


Color Range Outdoor Blinds

We are happy to bring out the extensive range of Mesh and PVC available for our outdoor range, or your welcome to visit our showroom

  • UV-R blockout from 92-98%
  • UPF all over 50%
  • Calendered & PREMIUM extruded available
  • High shade factors on all tints & clears
  • Minimal shrinkage with cold crack additives
  • Fire rated options to meet commercial building codes
  • Multiple thicknesses & widths available from 120cm – 200cm wide
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