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When you think roller shutters think Classic Roller Shutters Adelaide because we have been producing quality Window roller shutters in Adelaide since 1984. We are  a family owned and operated business and we ensure the quality of your products from manufacture to installation.  Your blinds are made here in Adelaide and It pays to buy your roller shutters from the company who knows exactly what they are installing & making for you. We also manufacturer for other companies who trust us withtheir business as we’ve been in the industry for a long time. Our quality and care surpasses everybody else. We can simply do a supply only if you live in another state or help you find an installing professional to do it for you. We also sell bushfire rated roller shutters, solar roller shutters, commercial shutters and more. Roller shutters are very multi functional with keeping the heat out in the summer but holding the heat in, in the winter. They offer noise reduction and are a great secure way to offer a secure deterant to your home and family. For more of our roller shutter range look at the outdoor blinds page or call us on 83692266

We’re also a large carrier of spare parts for most brands of shutters even the real old types, so if your in need of parts we carry those to, call us to find out more Classic Roller Shutters in Adelaide. Including Bushfire rated roller shutters.


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