Often clients call us asking if we have any specials on roller shutters in Adelaide. Classic roller shutters are a family owned business who on every quote we offer, give our very best price we can give to encourage you to buy from us. We see every day through media advertising on the TV, radio and social media other companies offering some sort of specials on roller shutters. But beware some of these sale prices are not so good once you read the fine print. The special price some of these large companies are giving you are scratching it back through limitations and exclusions like not including Install, controls, some colours and even some prices. Some specials on roller shutters only include this big advertised discount if you spend over a certain amount or a whole home.
However classic roller shutters include everything in our discounting we discount the whole package not just a part of it. So, you can feel confident that we are upfront about your pricing and what we are offering you. There’s no sale tactics used with our family business, no bumping up pricing, calling the boss or hard negation’s on your behalf, we offer a relaxed, informative visit and know you will feel the difference with how we present ourselves and our pricing, after all buying roller shutters shouldn’t be worse than a dentist visit.

Specials on roller shutters pop up every day everywhere but at classic we offer genuine, affordable and quality products every day of the year without the hype, without the pressure.
so, call us today on 83692266 to enquire or alternatively you can email us at sales@classicrollershutters.com.au and we can help you with any enquiries, quote for parts that you may need. We cover most of Adelaide from the Barossa in the North to Beach Rd, in the South. It’s not only roller shutters that we offer everyday real prices for though we carry a wide range of window treatment options for inside and out so call us and enquire today.