Roller shutters are a widely used feature in homes, offices and businesses and have changed drastically in the past few years. Gone are the days when people used roller shutters for security reasons only. With sleek designs, soothing colours, modern look and robust materials, roller shutters in 2021 are a cost-effective and proven method of keeping your home safe while adding to its visual appeal and value. Industrial looking and bulky roller shutters have made way for eye-catching and stylish options. Bulky roller shutters are things of the past and many Adelaide residents and business owners are opting for roller shutters to enhance the security and appeal of their property. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of installing roller shutters that span across your health, safety, finances, and ultimate comfort. 

  1. SECURITY & PEACE OF MIND: One of the most important reasons for customers to get roller shutters is to enhance security and to keep their belongings and family safe. Roller shutters are a necessity when it comes to added security and is not considered a luxury anymore. Roller shutters are a robust option to stop break-ins from happening and provide a powerful visual deterrent to keep burglars and thieves away. Made with strong materials it’s almost impossible to pull open a roller shutter at any of the access points of your home or business. 
  2. NOISE REDUCTION: Are you located on a busy street? Do you have loud neighbours? Are you tired of the background noises during the day or at night? Before any of this becomes a big problem, enjoy the peace and quiet with residential roller shutters that reduce noise by almost 50%. Create an oasis of calm in your home with the right roller shutter best suited for your home. 
  3. UV PROTECTION: Harsh sun in summers can pose a challenge to your home and business. Curtains and blinds are sometimes not enough to keep the light, heat and UV rays out, especially if you have a sun facing room. On the other hand, roller shutters provide efficient sun protection and guards against overheating. Roller shutters made with strong materials keep UV rays away from your family and offer you ultimate comfort throughout the year.  
  4. SAVE $$$ IN ENERGY BILLS: Roller shutters can help you slash your power bills by keeping summer heat out and keeping winter heat in. This means you’d be relying less on air-conditioning and regulate your home’s temperature by simply raising or lowering your shutters. Additionally, you do your bit towards an energy sustainable planet. 
  1. BUSHFIRE PROTECTION: If you are in a high risk area and ever your property is threatened by fire, roller shutters provide fire protection. Bushfire roller shutters can reduce your risk of damage when faced with an adverse situation.
  2. VERSATILE: Roller shutters are versatile in their use and there are various residential, office and commercial applications for roller shutters and can be seen across the Adelaide area. Roller shutters installed by Classic Roller Shutters include settings such as garage doors, warehouse security shutters, for interior use, as shed shutters, storage shutters, retail shop front shutters, window shutters, and more. If you are looking to enhance the style, security and overall functionality of your property then look no further. Join the thousands of homeowners that are enjoying the advantages of Adelaide roller shutters. 

Affordable Roller Shutters Adelaide Residents Trust and That Tick All The Boxes! 

If all of these listed benefits sound appealing to you then investing in a roller shutter for your home should be the next step in enhancing its value, comfort and appeal. There are many styles and colours of roller shutters to choose from, and we are happy to answer your questions to get you started on this project. We are the home of affordable, quality roller shutters and roller blinds and will guide you every step of the way. As a family-run factory-direct business, Classic Roller Shutters is the trusted choice of happy customers across the Adelaide metropolitan area. Our roller shutter and roller blinds experts have been providing the best door and window solutions for over three decades. Contact us for your free estimate today!