We all know that roller shutters are a modern and practical way to increase value, comfort, and security in your home. But did you know that each roller shutter can be custom built to the specific needs of your property, ensuring maximum efficiency, value, and customer satisfaction? If you think that roller shutters are not for you because of what you have heard or believed all this while then keep reading on as we bust some common roller shutter myths.

Roller Shutter Myths

Myth 1.  Roller Shutters are expensive to buy and install

Roller shutters are far more affordable and budget friendly to buy and install. Roller Shutters can add value to a home, so essentially it’s an investment on your home. Moreover, they are also an inexpensive investment when taking into account all the features and benefits they offer as roller shutters can be a practical and cost-effective solution to a multitude of issues such as noise, insulation, security, and safety. Once fitted by an expert, roller shutters can improve the comfort, appearance and security of your home.  

A quality roller shutter will 100% secure your home, add to the style of your property, and stand the test of time.

2. Roller Shutters do nothing to a home's value

As we have mentioned above, roller shutters are an investment and go a long way in enhancing the value of your home. Some of the benefits of roller shutters include: 

  • Adds to and enhances the curb appeal of your home
  • Increases the security of your home
  • Best option for enhanced privacy and light control within your home
  • A versatile addition to your home 
  • Energy savings with increase climate control within your home
  • Bushfire protection of your home

All of this adds to the value of your home while providing you with ultimate comfort for years and years. 

3. Roller Shutters do not improve security

These days home security is on every homeowner’s mind and having quality roller shutters with sturdy locking systems can boost the overall security. A quality made roller shutter with quality materials acts as both a barrier and a deterrent to any burglars. Our shutters are custom made from the highest quality aluminium to fit your individual residential property needs. Our roller shutters will leave you in no doubt that your home is protected as best it can be.

4. Roller Shutters are bulky and an eyesore

Gone are the days when roller shutters used to be bulky and plain boring. With advanced technology, design improvements, and innovation, roller shutters have come a long way. Take out the time to browse through our image gallery to view the visually appealing sleek designs of our roller shutters range. Custom built from high-quality modern materials, window roller shutters are an extremely effective method of increasing security and comfort in your home. These are available in a range of modern, sleek designs to suit your taste and requirements, an array of stylish, sleek, and visually appealing window shutters come with electronic or manual controls, to allow ease of use.

Get The Best Roller Shutters Adelaide Has To Offer!

Hope we have been able to shed more light on the benefits of roller shutters. Whatever your reasons, you are sure to want the best roller shutters Adelaide has to offer and Classic Roller Shutters is the best place to get the right product at the right price. Our wide range of high-quality roller shutters and commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your roller shutter needs and how we can help keep your home comfortable, safe, and secure.