Whether you own a retail business, a cafe, warehouse, restaurant or medical practice, we understand that protecting your commercial property from vandalism, crime and theft is a paramount safety concern. Security is vital for any business owner and commercial roller shutters are the perfect option as these robust security shutters are engineered to provide heavy-duty protection for your business. Gone are the days when commercial roller shutters were bulky and unpleasing to the eye, modern commercial property shutters provide the perfect balance between security and aesthetics while ensuring you have complete peace of mind knowing your business, valuables and assets are safe. A lot of businesses opt for security shutters in Adelaide for various reasons, such as affordability, ease of maintenance and aesthetic value. If you are considering installing a commercial roller shutter, read on to find out more about the factors that can help you make an informed decision.

Protect your Adelaide business from vandalism and theft with commercial roller shutters & window shutters for added security!

Benefits of Commercial Roller Shutters:

  •       Protect your property from theft and vandalism
  •       Give your building an instant facelift
  •       Ease your carbon footprint and save $$$ with improved energy efficiency

Factors To Consider Before Installing Commercial Roller Shutters 

Commercial Roller Shutters vary in design, material and function and it all depends on your preferences, budget, and reason for installing them. Some of the key factors to consider are discussed below:

Security Features: Roller shutters are a great way to enhance the security of a property as these are made with strong and durable materials such as steel and aluminium that discourage theft, break-in and vandalism. Roller shutters are also ideal for securing and protecting glass doors and windows of a commercial establishment. Modern roller shutters come with a motorised mechanism that allows you to easily roll them out of sight during work hours and roll down at the end of business hours for complete protection.

Privacy Features: If you have a street-facing location, roller shutters are a great way to enhance privacy during meetings. You can allow light but prevent visibility by adjusting the panels. Roller shutters are extremely versatile and can be designed in a way to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Aesthetic Features: You have complete freedom to choose the commercial roller shutters Adelaide that complement your property’s architecture and interior decor. Roller shutters come in different designs and colour options making your business premises look professional.

Maintenance: Unlike blinds or curtains, roller shutters are more durable, have a longer life span and are easy to clean and operate. In case of damage, roller shutters can easily be repaired by replacing the affected panels restoring safety and your peace of mind.

In a nutshell, selecting the best roller shutters for your commercial property needs careful consideration and if you need any further assistance then we are here to help. Classic Roller Shutters team will help you make the best decision that meets your needs and budget. Our technicians can help you consider all the aspects, so you are confident in choosing the right roller shutter for your commercial property.

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