Roller shutters are a great feature of your home or business and like all machinery, need regular maintenance. With regular use, roller shutters are also prone to failures, wear and tear and breakdown. If you use roller shutters frequently it is important to invest in maintenance and servicing to maintain efficiency, safety, and security. If neglected, small issues can compound into major problems causing you stress and costing time and money in getting extensive repairs or replacements. Adelaide roller shutters are a great investment in the security and comfort of your home or business and you would want to keep enjoying them for years and years. Even though roller shutters are robust by nature, a little bit of maintenance can go a long way and will ensure your roller shutters last you even longer. Roller shutter maintenance does not have to be too expensive or difficult. We are discussing top tips and small actions that you can take for proper functioning and extended lifespan of your roller shutters:

TIP 1:

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Roller Shutters: roller shutters are sturdy by design and protect your property from the elements. Over time, dirt and dust can cause damage and hamper functionality if it gets caught in the tracks. A quick wipe down once a fortnight would keep your roller shutters clean and in good working order. 

Tip 2: 

Do Not Use Harsh Cleaners: when cleaning your shutters as part of regular maintenance, do not use harsh and abrasive cleaners such as bleach or solvents, scrapers, scrubbing brushes etc. as they can damage the surface. All you need to clean your roller shutters is a brush with soft bristles, soft cloth, mild detergent like liquid dishwashing soap and clean warm water. It’s easy!

Tip 3:

Keep Your Roller Shutters Free of Obstructions: if you try to close your roller shutter on an object, no matter how small, it can cause damage. If you continue to use a damaged roller shutter it may become harder to bring it down or it may even jam. Keep obstructions at bay when using your roller shutters to elongate their life and save yourself the hassle, time and money in getting major repairs.

TIP 4: 

Rely on Professional Roller Shutter Adelaide Technician For All Repairs: if your shutters are not lifting or easily pulling down it is highly recommended to get a professional consultation to save you from any further complications or unnecessary hassle. A professional will be able to inspect all parts and functioning zones with expertise and locate the exact problem before repairing swiftly. 

TIP 5:

Get Regular Roller Shutter Adelaide Servicing: it is recommended to get once-yearly service for your roller shutters to ensure they function smoothly and correctly. A professional roller shutter installer technician will be able to locate and spot problems before they become serious issues and provide maintenance guidance to keep them in top condition. An Adelaide roller shutter technician will be able to check, tighten, and align your residential roller shutters effectively. Regular servicing by industry professionals is a small investment compared to the significant cost of repairing major damage or, worse, replacing roller shutters completely. 

Get Professional Roller Shutter Repair & Installation

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