Maintaining, Cleaning & Doing A Small Roller Shutters Repairs.

Cleaning and performing small roller shutter repairs or outdoor blind maintaince is essential to a longer blind life. It’s an easy task to fit into your weekend schedule, if your outdoor blinds or roller shutters are looking old or even if they’re new here’s a few tips to keep them looking and feeling great.

Roller shutters are an aluminium product coated in a paint surface, they’re easy to maintain and keep looking great. Even if you find you have neglected your roller shutter repairs there a few easy steps to bring them back to life. Firstly, completely wind the shutters down until they are in the closed position. Brush or broom all surface dust and cobwebs of the outer of the shutter. You can wash the shutters either with a hose by spraying the shutter down and removing all grime, dust and particles. The second way is with a bucket of water and just a touch of car wash liquid or dishwashing liquid. As long as it’s a non abrasive wash liquid or cream it will be fine. once the shutter is washed you can either allow it to dry or shammy it off, I’ll leave that one up to you. Once dry, the cleaning of the roller shutter is easy you can then apply with a soft cloth a car polish, preferably in liquid form so it’s easier to apply. You don’t need to be particular at all with it just ensure that your coverage is consistent as you can get it. This will help in forming a barrier over the paint to protect it from our harsh weather and help the paint to look nice for longer.

Roller Shutter Repairs, Is It An Easy Task?

The answer to that is, every job is different, and it also depends on your skill levels. there are a few basic maintenance duties you can perform yourself, cleaning the roller shutters is a big start. Preferably a few times a year, just like you would your car surface. Some roller shutter repairs are easier than others though. Replacing your straps can be easy for handy people and there are many videos on Youtube you can watch that will show you a guide of how this can be performed by you at home. Of course, though we are always available to perform these repairs on your roller shutters for you and are only a phone call away. We find that if you are tool handy you may be able to replace such items as springs and winder boxes on your own, although motor replacements have to be performed by an electrician to maintain its warranty and to be wired safely. Most other roller shutter repairs will need to be performed by a qualified roller shutter technician or installer. If you need help with this, you can call us directly on 83692266 if you’re looking for roller shutter repair in Adelaide.

Cleaning Of Outdoor Blinds Including Ziptraks & Other Mesh Blinds.

Mesh blinds are a far easier blind to clean than its PVC counterparts. PVC if not maintained with a cream spray you can purchase in our online shop or if your local to a Bunnings your able to purchase the foam cleaner there also. Mesh Blinds are an easy maintenance blind, simply roll them down and spray them well with your hose. You will be able to see the dirt wash away in an instant. Start from the top and work your way down the blind, until cleaned to your satisfaction. however, don’t roll the blind up in a wet state, this may cause mould and mildew to occur. So always let the blind dry before rolling it back up for a long length of time.




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