FAQ about Roller Shutters

Top 7 questions about roller shutters

What’s the difference between in reveal and on wall install?

An in reveal roller shutter is when the box guide and curtain are installed within the window opening, meaning from the inside the house looking through the window you can see the guide and box.

An on wall roller shutter install is when the box sits above the window opening and the guides sit on the outside of the window opening on the face of the wall.


What are the control options for a roller shutter?

Most residential roller shutters will be operated either manually via a winder or strap box, ods battery via an eport handset or an electric hardwired via wall switch or remote.






What’s the difference between ODS Battery and Hard-wired electric?

Ods battery is not wired to the mains power in the house and no electrician is required, if there is no power the ods system will still operate the roller shutters, the handset does not need replacement batteries and is to be charged with a wall charger. Where as electric operated needs an electrician to hard wire to the mains power.






Are all roller shutters operated from inside the home?

Yes,  all manual ,battery and electric roller shutters are operated from inside the home, this will help add extra security, however more options are available if required.


Will my roller shutter help with noise reduction?

Roller shutters can help reduce noise in the room that the shutter is installed in by up to 50%, keeping in mind roller shutters are not sound proof, sound can come through your roof, under doors and through other windows.


 Do my roller shutters need to be cleaned and maintained?

Make sure the guides are not obstructed when the curtain is in a downward motion, clean with hose when curtain is in a fully closed position Wipe in an UP and DOWN motion (not side to side)

Use only non-abrasive cleaning fluids. In high winds leave roller shutters in either the fully opened position or the Completely closed position. Not half way down or they will rattle and possibly blow out.


Can I change the colour of the roller shutters?

Yes, you can but it is not an easy fix, the shutter would need to be removed and taken to a powder coater. If you are changing the box and guide colour, or if you want to change the curtain, a whole new curtain will need to be made as the slat of a roller shutter cannot be powder coated.










Can I convert my roller shutter to automatic?

Yes, you can convert your existing roller shutters to either ODS battery system or to electric hard wired. The controls and possibly a few other parts need to be changed over and if going electric operated an electrician will need to attend.