Everyone has an idea in their head of what they want there home to look like when considering installing roller shutters on their home. Are you unsure of what the costs might be? Or if roller shutters will fit into the budget you have in mind. Well how much do roller shutters cost – Now a days people are looking for quality as well as a great price. At Classic Roller Shutters and blinds we provide both quality and price coupled with nearly 30 years industry experience in the manufacture and sales of shutters, we really do know what we’re talking about. We know how important price is with the cost of living nowadays, and being family owned and operated we will always look at our pricing and do our very best quote at all times, weather its one window or the whole house. We use the highest quality electric motors available, the somfy brand, which are made in France unlike the cheap imported motors many companies may use which are not as reliable as a somfy motor. Don’t be charge more or the same as a premium product when you may be getting a cheap import. We have an amazing track record of quality, price, and customer service.Take some time to read the reviews on our facebook page and google, we are second to none and that comes from independent sources sharing their feedback on their experience when dealing with us.

howmuch do roller shutters cost


People can be surprised once looking into the cost of roller shutters, especially when considering all the benefits that come with the shutters, such as energy efficiency within the home, insulating your home against the hot sun, but also keeping the warmth in during winter, not to mention the added feeling of security and maintaining privacy when inside your home with your family. Within the price of a shutter, there can also be variables which may or may not be required depending on each homes requirements, such as the size of your windows, is it on a ground level or a second where a scaffold may be required if there is no other access of which to work from, do you need extras such as guides, angles or bottom guides, all these things affect how much do roller shutters cost and need to be taken into consideration when looking at the overall cost.

how much do roller shutters cost adelaide

We have always stood buy our family values with an honest price. We know our product, quality is our biggest selling point. There are customers that can get a cheap price, but where are your roller shutters coming from, who is installing and providing the warranty for them, and will they do a quality install on your home ensuring the shutters are functioning properly, giving you all the benefits, they should.


There are so many things to consider when buying your shutters, make sure price is not your only priority because as the saying goes, you only get what you pay for