Considering purchasing Roller Shutters for your home? Need answers to your queries regarding where to install roller shutters to maximise their benefits? You are in the right place as this guide is written by the experts at Classic Roller Shutters Adelaide and we want to equip you with all the knowledge around this versatile window and door system.

Why Install Roller Shutters?

There are many reasons why both home and business owners install roller shutters – from security purposes to shade and insulation. A roller shutter offers several benefits to your home and business and comes in features that make its use easy and hassle free.


Join the thousands of homeowners that are enjoying the advantages of Adelaide roller shutters.

Types of Roller Shutters Adelaide Available

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR ROLLER SHUTTERS: Whether in a residential or commercial setting, interior roller shutters function to provide better light and ventilation. More versatile in nature, interior roller shutters come in different looks and colours to better suit your room or interior space. On the other hand, roller shutters installed outside a house are more practical and designed for harsh weather conditions. Exterior roller shutters can withstand tough conditions to provide you with security, safety, protection, and noise reduction.

MANUAL & AUTOMATIC ROLLER SHUTTERS: You can easily find manual and automatic or electric roller shutters. Manual Roller shutters are extremely popular as they are the most cost-effective with major maintenance cost being the oiling of the roller shutter from time to time. However, these can be bulky, awkward to operate, inconvenient to use and likely to wear and tear over the years. Whereas automatic roller shutters are highly convenient, easy to use and can be operated with a push of a button to open or shut as many times as desired. Automatic roller shutters are ideal for large doors and windows but can be expensive. These can also be powered through solar energy; however, automatic, or electric roller shutters take longer to install and require regular maintenance. It’s a durable system when professionally installed.

Where to Install Them?

Roller shutters are best for windows and doors – anywhere in the house where needed. You can order and install shutters of custom size, made of material to best suit your specific needs. From small windows to wide garage doors, we can do it all.

Affordable Roller Shutters Adelaide Residents Trust

Roller shutters are best installed on windows and doors and through this blog hope we have been able to shed more light on advantages of roller shutters and how you can maximise benefits by installing these versatile window accessories. Either way, best roller shutters Adelaide help insulate your home, provide privacy, add to your comfort, and reduce your energy bills. Whatever your reasons, you are sure to want the best roller shutters Adelaide has to offer and Classic Roller Shutters is the best place to get the right product at the right price. Some advanced systems can even be operated via remote control and provide you with added tech features to make their operation smooth and flawless. Our wide range of high-quality roller shutters and commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your roller shutter needs and how we can help keep your home comfortable, safe, and secure.